> Why Tiny? <
Tiny homes are not for everyone, but they do provide a solution for gaps that exist in the current housing system. Most cities have a need for smaller, more efficient, and more affordable housing. The cost of materials to build a new home are for the most part the same regardless of the size. Since the cost of materials is somewhat fixed then the only way to reduce the cost is to reduce the square footage. The average home size has more than doubled since the 1950’s from an average home size of 1000 sqft to over 2600 sqft. While the size of an average home has more than doubled since 1920, the average square footage per person has more than quadrupled.

Increasing square footage is relatively cheap for home builders and reaps huge rewards when the home is sold, hence the continual increase in home size. Home prices have definitely increased over the years but the cost to operate and maintain a home has had an even greater impact. More space means more energy to heat and cool it, more furniture to fill it, more taxes, a higher cost to maintain and renovate it and the list goes on and on. These added costs are often overlooked during the buying process and can have a detrimental impact on the buyers ability to pay for the home long term.

> Why Are They On Wheels? <
Two individuals are credited with starting the current "tiny home movement,"  Jay Shafer and Dee Williams. These two individuals, frustrated with the high cost of housing and the excess associated with it, sought out a new solution. Their desire to live smaller and more simply was met with laws prohibiting them from achieving their dream. Most cities throughout the United States have regulations specifying minimum square footage requirements for habitable dwellings. Unwilling to give up on their dreams Jay and Dee found that many of those laws did not apply to a home built on wheels and the the tiny home movement as we know it was born. Word of this new type of housing began to spread like wildfire and soon tiny movable homes popped up all over the US. While many early adopters considered traveling with them more often than people do now, the majority of current movable tiny home owners rarely move their homes. One big advantage to being on wheels is the ability to build the home offsite and then move it into place. Having the ability to build indoors is a huge advantage as well as widening your options of available builders, prices, etc… Having them on wheels allows you to move to a new lot/city/state and keep your home. Another advantage is being able to keep your lot and get a new home. Lets say you buy land and a small THOW as a single person. As your family grows you have the ability to stay in your neighborhood or community and buy a larger THOW or even build a tradiitional foundation home. 
Many ask, "why not buy an RV or Manufactured Home?" Recreational Vehicles (RV's) are meant for short term living and the build quality reflects that. The building materials, insulation, and fixtures in the majority of RV's are inferior to the materials and standards required of permanent residential dwellings. Manufactured homes fall in between an RV and a traditional foundation home. While the build quality of Manufactured Homes has greatly improved, it is still subpar to most foundation homes. The majority of movable tiny home builders use the IRC (International Residential Code) as a basis to build their homes. The IRC is the code that all residential dwellings must meet in order to pass building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel, gas, energy, and electrical standards. Most movable tiny homes are built at or above IRC requirements, generally contain higher grade finishes than the average home, but are built on trailers for the reasons listed above. Think of it as a brand new normal stick built home that just happens to be on wheels.
> I Want To Go Tiny, What Do I Do? <
Our "Learn" page has tons of resources about going tiny. If you live in Jackson, TN, the surround area (or would consider moving here) and are interested in going tiny then you are in luck because we are developing a program to bring tiny living to Jackson. We are working with the City of Jackson to implement a plan that will allow a limited number of movable tiny homes to be placed in the downtown area. This program provides a practical way to introduce this type of housing to the community and gives a select number of people the ability to be on the forefront of bringing tiny living to Jackson. We are seeking individuals, couples, families, and even investors who might want to take part in the program. Own a tiny home and need a great place to park it rent free for 2 years? We would love to hear from you as well. If you or someone you know might be interested then please contact us via our "Connect" page or on Instagram @tinyhomefamily

We like to tell people that our vision for living tiny in Jackson is a tree with many branches. We for-see tiny homes as a way to provide solutions for a great number of issues not only in our community but in most communities in the U.S., from movable tiny homes, to small foundation homes, to communities and transitional housing for the homeless, working poor, and low income individuals in desperate need of a fresh start. Stay tuned as we update this page and our Instagram account with the latest news in our journey to bring this new form of housing to our community and the place we call home, Jackson, Tennessee. 
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