> “Tiny Home Movement” Andrew Morrison Tedx Talk: https://youtu.be/wYhtKE-oEEM
> Smaller homes provide a new solution to lower income individuals and families. Often young adults and even lower income individuals purchase homes that have far more space and far more costs than they really need but the lack of smaller and more affordable housing leaves them no option. A smaller home, with a smaller mortgage (even no mortgage in many cases), significantly lower operating costs, and less stuff means less burden and more freedom for the home owner.

> Small homes provide young adults, college students, single parents, etc...  with a more long term investment rather than throwing away money on renting.

> Flexible financing options can also help people invest in the future. A rent-to-own scenario can allow a college student to rent the home while in school and then move to a more traditional mortgage for the home when they graduate and get a job and are able to afford to become a home owner.

> Many empty nesters are choosing to downsize. Reasons include paying for college, retiring earlier, and traveling more.

> Many retirement age individuals are on a fixed income and find that maintaining a large home becomes more and more difficult as the years go by. Small homes provide great options for them to not have to worry about the added expense of their larger home. Tiny home communities are becoming more common as well and so a mix of ages in the community provides room for more interaction with seniors which has proven time and time again to benefit their health and mental well being.  https://www.nia.nih.gov/about/living-long-well-21st-century-strategic-directions-research-aging/research-suggests-positive

> Low maintanence: A smaller home means less of everything, including maintenance, especially when you consider most tiny homes are built using more environmentally friendly building practices and longer lasting building materials like engineered siding, tin roofs and solid wood products for walls and ceilings.

> Communitites: Living small promotes a more community minded lifestyle. Tiny home owners have learned that living in a smaller space with less stuff encourages them to get out of the house more and be involved in more outdoor and community wide events. A "tiny" community can promote this type of living by providing a park and playground, a dog park, a walking trail, small “pop up” style shops for things like coffee, sandwiches and deserts as well as host varying community events throughout the year.
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