> The Hornbeak's "Mini Mansion" <
Many factors were considered in choosing our tiny home. Unfortunately it's not as simple as heading down to the tiny home store and buying one. Cost, style, quality, amenities, and builder availability were the key factors in our decision. Having visited numerous builder's and physically seeing well over 100 tiny homes, we had a pretty good idea about what we wanted. 
We knew we needed our home to have 3rd party certification in order to have any hope of residing inside the city limits and have the building department accept our home. This first decision narrowed our builder options considerably. Next was looking at options we could afford. We did not have a huge lump sum of money to purchase our home; at best we had enough for a down payment and money to pay for the other costs associated with placing the home like utilities infrastructure, building a porch/deck, skirting, etc... We had already worked out a financing option with our local bank and knew about what kind of monthly payment we could afford. 
Another important factor was builder availability and our timeline. We knew we needed our home by August 2020 and it was already March 2020 by the time we were ready to buy. The demand for tiny homes is so high that nearly every builder is booked 6-12 months out before they could even start our home. We had to find a balance between our budget and timeline which again narrowed our options.
After speaking to a few different builders we chose Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders in St Peters, MO to build our home. Mini Mansions had been on our short list of builders for quite some time because of the quality of their build, the amenities included with the home, a very clean and modern interior design, and their price. Lucky for us they had a build spot open up and a trailer already on order so in April we settled on a layout and placed our order. Mark and Emily have been great to work with and we encourage anyone looking for a tiny home builder to consider using them.
Our tiny home has arrived and we have been living tiny for almost three weeks. We are loving everything about our new home and we look forward to continuing to share our "tiny" journey with you. 
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