> By building homes that meet the needs of its occupants by effectively using the space and eliminating wasted spaces/rooms, tiny homes make a huge impact on the environment. According to the National Home Builders Association, the average construction waste produced when building a 2000sqft home is 8000lbs. Most THOW weigh between 8000-12000 pounds, which includes a very heavy steel trailer. For every 2000sqft home built, the housing industry is essentially sending a THOW to the landfill.

> THOW and THOF are generally built with more sustainable materials and keeping operating costs as low as possible is a huge priority; many are even built fully off-grid. Better insulation, minimal water use, and very low energy needs are just a few of the advantages to smaller homes.

> Dr. Maria Saxton's Dissertation, "The Ecological Footprints of Tiny Home Downsizers: An Exploratory Study" : https://nanotinylife.com/nano-research/

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